Last Minute Checklist When Traveling Abroad

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Planning a trip abroad means thinking of all the things you may need before you leave because,

depending on where you’re headed, there are certain things that you may not be able to find in the country you are visiting. Many of us have routines, products or habits that we just can’t live without and traveling doesn’t change that. Before you leave the country make sure to create a checklist of all the things you need to buy or do to make your trip feel seamless and allow you to travel in comfort.

Passport and Paperwork

Whenever you leave the country you will need your passport and in some cases a visa. This is usually pretty standard, with the visa requirements varying depending on where you are headed. Making sure you have all of this prepared and handy in advance will help you stress less in the days leading up to your trip. On top of any travel related paperwork you may need, it is a good idea to make sure you have any paperwork (or a digital copy) for all reservation confirmations, as well as a copy of things like your licenses and credit card information in case anything gets lots or stolen on your trip. A list of important phone numbers and email addresses can also be handy if you are really in a jam.

Beauty Products


Sometimes traveling means letting your hair down and giving up on some of your beauty routines, but depending on where you are going you may want to keep up with your daily micellar water face wash, or make sure you have a fresh body scrub to keep your skin exfoliated. You can find all your favorite products and travel size items at Ulta so that you can’t still look and feel your best no matter where you’re headed.

Health and Wellness

Staying healthy when you travel is important so you can enjoy yourself fully. Certain destinations require you to receive health screenings or vaccinations before you even board the plane. Make sure to research these requirements in advance. On top of government enforced health requirements you may also have your own medications, vitamins or supplements that you require or like to take. Even when you can find these things abroad, they can often be more expensive or not contain the same ingredients you are used to. Stock up on any medications and supplements before you leave. Even certain food items can be brought with you. I always like keep a few bags of tea, raw sugar packets, and granola bars in my suitcase so I can start my day with some sustenance no matter where I am.



Many of us rely on our electronics to serve many purposes. My phone is usually how I communicate with friends, keep tabs on my work email, post photos of my trip, find my way on a map, and check the weather. I would be pretty lost if I wasn’t able to keep it charged. The same goes for your laptop, tablet, or even hairdryer, they all need electricity. The first thing to check is whether or not you need an adaptor plug to use the local electrical outlets. It is also a good idea to get a charging bank that you can keep in your bag for those moments when your phone is dying but there is not an outlet in sight.

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