5 Must-have Travel Gadgets

So you are not a gizmo freak? You pride yourself in being a technology hater? Closer to nature and all. Join the club. But tell you what; a traveller cannot afford to remain old-fashioned. Technology can really make a big difference to your trip. And once you read about these Essential Travel Items, I am sure you will change your loyalties and become a hardcore gizmo addict!


  1. Steripen – this is actually the Aladdin ka Chirag for every traveller out there. It is the ultimate portable water purifier. Small and easy to carry, it uses UV rays to purify water. Fill your can with water from a waterfall, handpump, well, or any other source you are likely to encounter on your journey. What’s more it comes with a chargeable battery.

Purify your drinking water: anywhere anytime

  1. Grid-it– okay this is one gadget I want to have right now. A mesh of elastic bands, the Grid-It is a device organization bag. It holds your mobile, charger, data cable chords, headphones, pendrives, music player, (I suspect make-up paraphernalia too).
  2. Waterproof music player– this is a boon!Someone who has lost an iPhone to the sea or the swimming pool would understand. The UWater G4 Chrome MP3 Player is immune to even salt water and pressures of scuba diving. Apart from this, another incredible item is the Electronic drying out bag. If any of your electronic item goes bad due to moisture, simply put it into this bag and it comes out all dry!  The bag can take anything from cameras, mobiles, watches, to ipods etc. and within 36-72 hours rescues your equipment completely.
  3. Door bell alarm – this is a must for those travelling alone, especially solo female travellers. This high-pitched alarm is fixed to the door of your hotel room, and will go off if someone tries to open the door without permission. This is especially useful for those who travel to non-touristy places and have to stay in shady hotels. No more sleepless nights in unknown places anymore.
  4. Book lights – these tiny lightweight lamps that are as small as a toothbrush can be really handy. They can be clipped onto your book or newspaper in case the passenger next to you wants to sleep and you can have no light in your flight at night. They can also double up as flashlights. Oh, these are so cute, you’d want to use them even at home.

Other must-haves:

Portable Wi-Fi device – your hotel might or might not have a good internet connection.

Extension cord – it is blasphemy for a traveller not to carry one, especially if you are carrying you laptop along.

Travel gadget cases – you get waterproof and indestructible travel bags and cases in the market. These are a must. If you are going swimming/ kayaking/ snorkelling and want to take an equipment along, just slip it into an indestrcutible travel case and you needn’t worry about your camera/mobile phone anymore.

Swiss knife – of course, every traveller has it.  Another similar useful item is the Multi-bit Travel Screwdiver. It can carry out small repairs, and even fix eyeglasses!

Shoebags, clothesline, dry soap sheets – Not really gadgets, but really useful. If you are out on a long holiday, say a month or two, you’d surely need a clothesline, especially if you want to save on hotel laundry bills.

Apart from these, there are loads of other travel gadgets and items aimed to make your trip more comfortable. There are also a load of apps and websites that will allow you to find cheap flights with just a few taps. But as they say too much of anything is bad, and you don’t want to clutter your travel bag with all kinds of fancy stuff, and leave little room for souvenirs to bring back. Keep it simple.

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